Investment Program

Investment and your Financial Security

“Investing is putting out money to be sure of getting more money back later at an appropriate rate.” Warren Buffett

Meet your new asset class

  • Invest in business insurance loans

  • Earn estimated returns of 8% on average*

  • Diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds

Common Cents Capital (C3) strives to set itself apart from big institutional finance companies or brokerages, we wanted to create something different, give people a choice that we were unable to find in the conventional financial world.
C3 has created a scenario where you can put money out to invest and have security, relative liquidity with an unmatched return.Therefore our mission is simple give investors the highest return at the lowest risk!!

As an investor in C3 you will always have a choice between receiving a monthly interest payment or reinvesting your money for long term growth or a combination of both.

Investing with C3 is simple:

  1. Just go to our registration page, fill out your information, and we will be in-contact by phone or mail within 48 hours or feel free to call us directly at 1-800-461-1410 for preliminary questions.
  2. We will have either a direct face to face meeting to answer all questions or we will have a phone consultation if geography or schedules prohibits meeting in person.
  3. We accept either cashiers check or personal checks, If you choose to send in a personal check there will be a 14 day seasoning period before we begin the process to place your funds. After receiving the funds you will receive an acknowledgment letter which states our reception of your funds and the specifics of your choice of plans along with a temporary login password to view your account. C3 will usually be able to fund your money within 21 days of confirmation, depending on the amount.
  4. You will then receive a packet from our trust which is incorporated in the state of Nevada listing you as an owner in the trust and your investment value.
  5. After our initial setup you can login to your account anytime you wish just like a bank. C3 will send out quarterly investment statements, yearly profit results along with your year end K1 tax documents.
  6. As an investor in C3 you will always have a choice between receiving a monthly interest payment, reinvesting your money for long term growth or a combination of both. C3 is currently paying a yearly return of 8% if you choose to receive monthly dividend payments ( ie $ 100,000.00 invested @ 8% = $8,000.00/ 12 months + $ 666.67 paid monthly) which will not effect your investment principle.
  7. The reinvest program will add your earned interest to your principle and is currently paying 9% per year ( ie $ 100,000.00 X 9% = $ 9,000.00 earned yearly which will begin your following year for a new principle amount of $ 109,000.00 X 9% etc.) and will be continuously reinvested unless otherwise directed. You may also choose to move between the two types of programs throughout the year, one popular program is to split your investment evenly distributed in both for a yearly effective return of 8.5%.
  8. As it takes time for C3 to invest in these policies it also takes time for us to divest your money therefore although we can usually accomplish this within eight or nine months (we require a twelve month notification of intent to divest to insure completion).

Common Cents Capital provides a safe haven for capital, protects against inflation, while providing a reliable return that would be hard to replicate with so little effort on the investors’ behalf.

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