The idea behind the C3 is simple

The fund manages and purchases insurance premiums, on behalf of companies and individuals who either choose not to or cannot pay the premium in full.  Most of the premiums range in value of 25,000 to 150,000.  The types of premiums vary from large transportation company policies, personal property liability policies, to general commercial liability policies.

We are a company founded on a new fundamental idea, almost revolutionary these days, tell people what we do, deliver what we promise, month after month and year after year and word will soon get out. We wanted to create something different from our traditional financial world, multiple choices, limited risk exposure, with an adequate return on your investment.

C3 has delivered steady returns for over a decade all while providing full transparency and a yearly third party independent audit. We strive to keep our operating costs low to enable us to return the highest possible rate of return to those who deserve it most, the folks that earned it in the first place.

Please read through the “How it works” to see how C3 can go to work for you and help supplement your financial strategy.

C3 is here to build long term, life long even generational relationships with both it’s investors, insurance agents and lendees alike. This is not for someone who is looking for a get rich quick scenario, were here to provide outstanding service while delivering a strong rate of return that could create a great foundation to anyone’s long term financial plan.

For our affiliate agents we will always strive to improve and streamline our processes to help improve your productivity and profitability alike. If while anyone using our system can suggest ways for us to better improve our service to you, we will always stop and listen and try to apply your ideas.

The C3 Team

Weldon Wulstein – Co-Founder and Partner

Roman Kreminski- Co-Founder and Partner

Stefan Laursen – Partner

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