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Business insurance premium financing

Common Cents Capital's (C3) approach to investing is simple:

We fund, manage and finance insurance premiums on investing-with-common-cents-capital behalf of businesses that like many, choose not to pay their insurance premium in full up front.  These businesses and companies even though they may be able, elect to finance their insurance rather than pay for it in full, much like  many people do on big purchase items such as houses and cars.

Business insurance policies
can be a big expense, sometimes a significant portion of a company's profits so they may need to choose cash flow over cost. In order not to deteriorate their capital savings, and possibly hindering their ability to purchase more inventory, cover pay roll and operating expenses, they choose to spread this cost over a period of time (usually about 9 months).

Business insurance premium financing
is not new to the market place in fact this has been a common practice for over a century.

What is new

Common Cents Capital’s approach which allows ordinary people to share in the interest received from these premiums that are secured by the insurance companies then re-insured through C3. Historically, the interest earned from these policies have been captured by institutional finance companies, banks or subsidiaries of the insurance companies themselves. This allows the everyday investor to achieve a higher rate of return than most common forms of investment.
C3 makes a percentage for the management and oversight and passes on the majority of profits to those who most deserve it, the people who worked for it and earned it in the first place.

To learn more

of what C3 can do for you see the financial opportunity page or for general information or go to http://www.insurance.ca.gov where the state of California has a website dedicated to providing comprehensive information on the subject of premium financing.